Health Advice Plus Program

Health Advice Plus is the Guild’s support service for member pharmacies who want to get started, or need additional support, to integrate and deliver successful health programs and services. The Guild’s Health Advice Plus Program provides a suite of resources and operational processes, tailored to your business. Our aim is to ensure that services delivered by your pharmacy are commercially and operationally viable, and provide quality health outcomes for your patients.

The Health Advice Plus Program is a cost-efficient, hands-on support package that provides common sense incremental change management principles to transition your pharmacy to a professional service model by people who work in and understand pharmacy.

There are three key program elements available to members:

Opportunity Analysis


Health Modules

Opportunity Analysis - Exclusive access for Guild members!

What are your professional services goals?

The Opportunity Analysis tool is designed to provide a report to highlight lost opportunity linked to key areas including:

  • 7CPA funded programs
  • Fixed third party income
  • Prescription and medication programs
  • Screening and testing services

Once you have completed your Opportunity Analysis you will receive a detailed report that includes an estimate of your untapped opportunity potential and establishes a performance benchmarking mechanism to ensure this opportunity is secured as you move your pharmacy to a professional services model.

The Opportunity Analysis is valued at $149 for a one year subscription (per pharmacy) and there are 5 reports included in each subscription. The Pharmacy Guild of Australia is offering member pharmacies exclusive access to the Opportunity Analysis tool to ensure they are prepared for the future. Please contact your state branch for you Guild member only login details.


The program includes the Health Advice Plus Program Guide and Business Planning Workbook with one-on-one implementation support.

In addition, stores receive:

  • QCPP aligned planning guides
  • Staff training and education resources
  • Goal setting and performance tracking
  • Communication resources to use when working with other healthcare professionals
  • Point-of-sale material for promoting your events and professional services
  • Professional Service area set up checklists and guides

The Health Advice Plus program assists pharmacy owners in making the necessary changes to evolve their professional services offering. The program provides a pharmacy with a level of support to setup the program and engage the pharmacy team, as well as introducing goal setting and tracking. This Program includes a one-hour planning session around goals as well as one Health Advice Plus Health Module.

A Health Advice Plus pharmacy will receive the following tools as part of the program:

  1. Health Advice Plus Program Guide
  2. In-Store Collateral
  3. Access to Online Training
  4. Performance Tracking
  5. Templates for Local Area Marketing
  6. One Health Advice Plus Health Module

Health Modules

The Health Advice Plus Health Modules are a complete solution for delivering professional services within specific disease state management areas, or health promotions. Each module is a ready-to-use kit to make it easy for you to execute the service, including: marketing material, staff training, management processes and QCPP templates. There are a total of ten Health Modules available for pharmacies to purchase. Some modules are available in a Standard and an Advanced version.

Health Module topics available:

  • Health Check Standard
  • Health Check Advanced
  • Prescription Check-up
  • Diabetes Management
  • Leave Certificate
  • Pain
  • Heart Health Advanced
  • Asthma
  • COPD Screening

Health Module packs include:

  • Online training
  • Staff training notes
  • Clinic process notes
  • QCPP-aligned templates

Point of sale collateral includes:

  • Consumer posters
  • Counter mat
  • Counter stand
  • Staff badges
  • Local area marketing templates and process guides