Introducing the Guild’s support service for member pharmacies who want to get started, or need additional support to integrate and deliver successful health programs and services.

The Health Advice Plus Program is a cost-efficient, hands-on mentoring and coaching support package — developed by people who work in and understand pharmacy — that provides common sense incremental change management principles to transition your pharmacy to a professional service model.

The Health Advice Plus Program has been developed as a partnership between The Pharmacy Guild of Australia and established professional services provider instigo.

instigo was founded in 2004 by Community Pharmacist Michael Flannery and has successfully built a strong track record of delivering targeted retail, marketing and professional service solutions to community pharmacies of all sizes and in all demographic areas. In 2008, after isolating the considerable patient and community benefits and opportunities in the execution of pharmacy professional services programs, instigo developed the Easyclinic Professional Services Program.

In 2015, using the learnings gathered from the delivery of professional service programs, the Guild and instigo combined their resources and built the member-only Health Advice Plus Program. The Program provides an appropriate professional services offer for all member pharmacies and allows them to quickly assess which services are commercially and operationally viable and which will provide the highest quality health outcomes for patients.